About me


Under the surface

People do ask me sometimes why I chose 'Under The Surface' as a name for my studio. The answer if simple: I love to dive deep into the unknown when doing research and try to understand why people behave as they do. Taking that knowledge back to a steady ground and implement it, only makes the design more meaningful and unique!


During my studies I'm trained as a visual and service designer. It became more and more clear that I wanted to change people's lives with the products/websites/graphics I make. This nudged me towards a specilisation in interaction design. Each project I start I question what and why people want, and if behavioural change is possible.

Emotion-driven approach

Within most of my projects I start from the human behavior and their connected emotions. Using different contextual research methods I touch upon the reason of the behavior and from that perspective I start designing an intervention towards a fitting solution. The world of design for emotion is a fairly new field in design processes, but I'm eager and keen to spread the word!