The Emotionist

an emotion experience for designers focusing on emotional granularity

The Emotionist is a experimental toolkit for designers to experience the differences in emotional granularity. The project focused on three different emotions to be experienced: courage, pride and confidence. The project has been featured in a paper by Jay Yoon, Developing design tools to facilitate a differentiated understanding of positive emotions (JungKyoon Yoon, Anna E. Pohlmeyer, and Pieter M. A. Desmet, 2016).

Within the project I was responsible for the conceptualisation phase, tinkering and building and coding of the prototype.


  • Converting insights of the experienced emotions to the prototype
  • Programming the experiential prototype


  • MSc course Interaction and Technology Design at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands.


  • Noortje Küppers
  • Chanmi Kim
  • Howe Xie
  • Yvonne Gillis
  • Andreas D’Hollandere


  • 2016